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Our campus is between G and H Streets and 14th and 15th street in Downtown Eureka, California. There is plenty of parking. Depending on where you enter the campus, the first time can be a bit of an uncertain experience; however there are many who will gladly help you. There are five main areas on our campus. The Nave and Sanctuary where all of our large Worship services are held; Lewis Hall, where we gather for coffee, conversation and the faith community activities before, between and after our Worship services; The Thompson Building’ where our children and youth meet for Godly Play and Christian education. Through the week the Chapel and Administration House also are active places. Our goal in worship is 52 great Sundays. We have wonderful music, with the Christ Church Choir, the Kegg Pipe Organ and a variety of soloists and instrumentalists. The sermons are biblically centered and help us during the week in a transforming way in all of life as we affirm the presence of God in all life-giving activities. We affirm we have been created to be in community with God and with one another.

At Christ Church we are excited that God is guiding us. There are classes for learning, times to gather as small groups and many opportunities to become the hands and face of Christ to the world.